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Meet the Team at Fintrac Global

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Ayubu Joseph Meteli

Senior Agronomist - Tanzania KTA

As the Senior Agronomist on KTA, Ayubu is responsible for supervising the other agronomists and extension specialists in supporting farmers, input supply companies, agro dealers, women and youth groups, and VBAAs to help them use and apply appropriate technology and skills and sustainably increase productivity and profitability of their enterprises and farming business.  Ayubu has extensive experience in the field of agronomy, having previously served as a Senior Agronomist and Zone Agronomist at Fintrac Inc. under the USAID-funded Feed the Future Tanzania Mboga na Matunda  Project. In these roles, Ayubu provided leadership, technical guidance, and training to field staff, government extension officers, and partner agronomists. With expertise in farm management, crop nutrition, irrigation, and integrated pest management, Ayubu has made significant contributions to agricultural development. Beyond agriculture, Ayubu has also excelled as a secondary schoolteacher, imparting knowledge in biology and chemistry to students.


Siriel David Akyoo

Input Supply Specialist - Tanzania KTA

In her capacity, Siriel plays a crucial role in supporting input supply companies, agro dealers, youth groups, lead farmers, and VBAAs by establishing strong commercial linkages. She excels in providing product knowledge training, offering technical assistance in distribution processes, and ensuring compliance with regulations pertaining to environmental safety and the proper handling of pesticides, seeds, and other farm inputs. With over four years of experience in networking agriculture stakeholders in Tanzania, Siriel has demonstrated strong leadership skills and the ability to motivate teams to achieve objectives. Her expertise includes integrated pest management in vegetables, leadership and project management, potato production, irrigation setup and installation, marketing of horticultural products, good agricultural practices, effective pesticide use and handling, and greenhouse crop production.


Bakari Masoud Bakari

Input Supply Specialist - Tanzania KTA

As an Input Supply Specialist, Bakari assesses the input suppliers and youth groups eligible for the program and supports the commercial linkages made between companies and cooperatives to expand access to productivity enhancing technologies. He facilitates product knowledge training, technical assistance and compliance, and the safe handling of farm inputs like pesticides and seeds. Bakari excels in providing horticultural support to programs by implementing practical technologies, managing infrastructure, examining and conducting experiments on crops, and assisting in business operations. With extensive prior knowledge of integrated pest management, drip installation and irrigation, and good agricultural practices, Bakari has been invaluable to previous Feed the Future programs. His refined leadership and communication skills are combined with technical expertise for project implementation.


Furahisha Adam Furahisha

Agronomist and Extension Specialist - Tanzania KTA

In his role, Adam supports farmers, input supply companies, agro dealers, women and youth groups, and VBAAs to increase overall productivity and profitability. By recommending clients and smallholder groups to the program and teaching them how to apply appropriate technology, Adam delivers important solutions and training to farming organizations. Adam has experience as an agronomist and leader in previous Feed the Future programs in Tanzania, specializing in project management, M&E, training implementation, and identification of market opportunities. With over 9 years of experience, he has worked with horticultural farmers, smallholder growth groups, clients and stakeholders, and fellow agronomists to motivate and lead the adoption of technology and stimulate the supply of inputs.


Sabra Suleiman Hamad

Agronomist and Extension Specialist - Tanzania KTA

Sabra identifies clients and stakeholders in the Tanzanian horticulture sector and recommends them for program assistance while assisting in the formation of smallholder grower groups and ensuring their successful development. Working with the Senior Agronomist, he follows up on field data and develops work plans to address farmers constraints and provide adequate solutions. Sabra has previous experience at Fintrac Inc. under the USAID-funded Feed the Future Tanzania Mboga na Matunda Project as a Zonal Agronomist providing technical training to farmers, establishing demonstration plots for the implementation of new technologies, providing extensive data and material to support future programs, and addressing main farmers constraints.

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Angelyn Frank Kombe

Accountant and Administrator - Tanzania KTA

In her capacity, she provides support to finance, human resources, and administrative functions of the activity. She has a range of capabilities, including but not limited to Quickbooks, creating and reviewing expense vouchers and program payments according to USAID and FGI regulations, managing employee benefits and payroll, procurement, and ensuring compliance with Tanzanian labor laws and financial rules and regulations. Angelyn has earned her bachelor’s degree in accounting, and is a Certified Public Accountant in Tanzania. Her experience highlights a dedication to maintaining precision in financial records, a commitment to regulatory compliance, and ability to effectively support diverse accounting and administrative tasks within the organization.

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Simon Michael Mabula

Agronomist and Extension Specialist - Tanzania KTA

Simon ensures prosperous development and participation of growers relevant to program objectives, coordinates with specialists along the value chain, facilitates provision of technical support, and collects necessary data on women and youth farmers’ organizations. Simon has experience as both an agronomist and as a farm manager, where he excels in the design and implementation of climate smart agricultural technologies, manages vital training to farmers on new technologies and development, and the transfer of knowledge. He caters his excellent leadership skills and communication abilities to apply his expertise where it is most needed among smallholder farmers and specialists. Besides his outreach work, he also has prior experience establishing and managing farm area budgets and purchases, managing equipment, and supervising both harvest and post harvest handling while formulating M&E evaluations and reports.


Kassim Nassor Sharif

Agronomist and Extension Specialist - Tanzania KTA

As a specialist, Kassim applies his prior knowledge to support farmers and the application of productive technology and skills to increase their profitability. He works with fellow specialists to undertake duties such as the establishment of technology demonstration sites, milestone deliverables, fulfilling data collection forms, and addressing constraints along the value chain. Kassim has extensive experience working as an agronomist with Fintrac, Inc for the Mboga na Matunda project, where he trained farmers on good agricultural practices and developed programs for further farming activities to expand their capacity in the agricultural market. Winning the Best Employee Award in 2022 for this project, he applies his skills and produces high quality work in a dynamic, high pressure environment while facilitating improved relationships between farmers and stakeholders.


Ayoub Baiya Chombo

Agronomist and Extension Specialist - Tanzania KTA

Ayoub works with farmers, input supply companies, agro dealers, women, and youth groups in Kilosa and Mvomero Districts in Morogoro, Tanzania, helping them enhance productivity and profitability. He identifies key clients and stakeholders in the horticulture sector for program assistance and supports the development of smallholder grower groups. Ayoub also coordinates effectively along the value chain to ensure smooth operation and project success. With a BSc in Horticulture from Sokoine University of Agriculture, he brings over 5 years of experience in agronomy, horticulture, and agribusiness. His work focuses on practical applications of project management, data analysis, and sustainable farming, contributing valuably to Kilimo Tija initiatives.


Olivia Mukoko

Technical Lead, Crops - Zimbabwe FARM

Dr. Olivia Mukoko is the Crops Technical Lead on the FARM activity, bringing over 35 years of dedicated service in Zimbabwe’s agriculture and agribusiness sectors. In her role, Dr. Mukoko is instrumental in the strategic planning and technical management of the FARM activity. Her leadership is vital for achieving the activity’s objectives, which include diversifying production and fostering sector growth. She leads in developing and executing strategies, supervises technical implementation, and collaborates with stakeholders to advance the crops sector. Dr. Mukoko also manages the crops team, oversees staff performance, sets and meets targets, and represents FARM and FGI in public forums. Her academic background is extensive; she holds a BSc Honors in Agriculture and an MBA from the University of Zimbabwe, and a PhD and Master of Philosophy in Crop Science from Cambridge University.

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Rosemary Nyoka

Technical Lead, Livestock - Zimbabwe FARM

Dr. Rosemary Nyoka is the Livestock Technical Lead on the FARM activity, bringing more than three decades of expertise in the smallholder livestock sector. Holding a PhD in dairy science from South Dakota State University in the USA, with extensive experience in the Zimbabwe agriculture sector, and having worked under several USAID food security projects, she is a recognized subject matter expert. In her current role, Dr. Nyoka provides leadership and technical guidance to the livestock sector team. Her responsibilities include strategic planning, supervision of technical implementation, development of linkages and networks, and collaboration with stakeholders to promote sustainable and inclusive agricultural solutions to improve production and productivity, increase incomes, and build resilience among smallholder farmers.


Givemore Chiambiro

Extension/Behavior Change Officer, Livestock - Zimbabwe FARM

Givemore Chiambiro serves as a Livestock Extension/Behavior Change Officer for the FARM activity, where his dedicated efforts focus on advancing the commercialization of smallholder livestock farming through the integration of crop and livestock technologies. With over 17 years of experience in agricultural program management, he plays a crucial role in enhancing milk quality, broadening market access, and increasing overall productivity, farmer incomes, and food security in dairy, beef, and small livestock production. Givemore actively monitors farmers' performance, coordinates project activities, and maintains demonstration sites while identifying potential beneficiaries for program coordination. His educational background includes a master’s of philosophy degree in agriculture, a bachelor's degree with honors in agriculture, and a postgraduate diploma in project management.


Clephas Chikanda

Provincial Coordinator, Livestock - Zimbabwe FARM

Clephas Chikanda is a Provincial Coordinator in Chipinge, Zimbabwe on the FARM activity and plays a pivotal role in project leadership and technical guidance within the province. In this role, Clephas oversees various responsibilities, including coordinating technical assistance, identifying suitable partners, managing Extension/Behavior Change Officers, monitoring compliance, facilitating consultant visits, collaborating on gender equality and nutrition initiatives, and engaging with stakeholders. Additionally, the Provincial Coordinator is responsible for data reporting, setting and achieving targets, representing FARM at official meetings, and contributing to various reports. Clephas has nearly a decade of experience working on USAID Feed the Future projects, and holds an honors degree in animal science

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Meynard Chirima

Provincial Coordinator, Crops - Zimbabwe FARM

Meynard Chirima is a Provincial Coordinator of the FARM Activity in Masvingo Province and is based in Chiredzi. As Provincial Coordinator, Meynard participates in the design, implementation, and coordination of field-based technical assistance and training activities as per the FARM annual work plan. He identifies appropriate partners and clients, conducts regular technical assistance visits, and manages the performance of Extension/Behavior Change Officers within the region. Additionally, the role encompasses data entry and reporting and collaborating with various stakeholders and specialists to ensure program objectives are met while representing FARM and FGI at official meetings and carrying out other assigned duties. Meynard has 24 years of experience in agricultural development and extension across various sectors, with a proven track record of transforming both smallholder and large-scale crop and livestock farming. He holds a master’s degree in development studies and a bachelor’s degree with honors in agriculture: crop science.


Harmony Marwa

Extension/Behavior Change Officer, Crops - Zimbabwe FARM

Mwandipa Harmony Marwa is a Crops Extension/Behavior Change Officer on the FARM activity. In this role, Harmony is responsible for selecting suitable farmers and partner beneficiaries, conducting technical trainings, establishing and maintaining high-quality demonstration sites, monitoring input and output markets, capturing field data on rainfall and crop performance, and maintaining an updated database of beneficiary farmers. Additionally, Harmony collaborates with local authorities and stakeholders to support agricultural activities, ensuring the success and productivity of crop-related initiatives within the FARM activity. Harmony has over 20 years of experience in the agriculture sector, including 10 years of experience working under USAID programs to develop the livestock and crop sectors in Zimbabwe. Harmony holds expertise in farm management, crop nutrition, irrigation, integrated pest management, and other good agricultural practices across a range of horticulture and staple crops.


Technology Masuku

Finance and Administration Officer - Zimbabwe FARM

Technology Masuku is a Finance and Administration Officer on the FARM activity. This role involves reviewing and processing staff expense reports, tracking travel advances, and ensuring timely liquidation. It also includes preparing payment requests in compliance with USAID, Zimbabwe, and organizational policies, handling accounting transactions in Quickbooks, and managing VAT claims. Additionally, the role covers statutory payments and tax returns, assisting with bank reconciliations, preparing funds requests, and supporting payroll. Technology has more than 4 years of experience in finance and administration with NGOs, and holds a bachelor of science with honors in economics, and a diploma in accounting and business.


Godknows Masunda

Extension/Behavior Change Officer, Livestock - Zimbabwe FARM

Godknows Masunda serves as a Livestock Extension/Behavior Change Officer for the FARM activity. In this role, Godknows is dedicated to enhancing the commercialization of smallholder livestock farmers by seamlessly integrating crop and livestock technologies. He achieves this by improving milk quality, expanding market access, and boosting overall productivity, farmer incomes, and food security. Moreover, Godknows plays a pivotal role in introducing farmers and service providers to climate-smart technologies like drip irrigation. Godknows empowers stakeholders to enhance animal breed improvement through methods such as artificial insemination, ensuring long-term sustainability and genetic enhancement, and helps identify and resolve critical constraints in smallholder beef and dairy production. His experience spans over a decade across various agricultural sectors, and he holds an honors degree in livestock and wildlife management.


Razaro Matimbre

Extension/Behavior Change Officer, Crops - Zimbabwe FARM

Razaro Matimbire is a Crops Extension/Behavior Change Officer on the FARM program. Razaro is promoting and implementing good agricultural practices among farmers in both dryland and irrigated horticultural crops, contributing to enhanced crop yields, food security, and sustainable farming practices. Additionally, Razaro is actively engaging in farmer training, technical assistance, and community events to empower farmers with the knowledge and skills needed for resilient agriculture, addressing critical aspects such as Climate Smart Agriculture, soil and water conservation, and value addition. Razaro has been working in the agricultural sector for almost two decades and holds a national diploma in agriculture.


Alophonce Musasa

Extension/Behavior Change Officer, Crops - Zimbabwe FARM

Alophonce Musasa is a Crops Extension/Behavior Change Officer on the FARM activity. In this capacity, Alophonce plays a crucial role in selecting farmers and partners, conducting technical training, and maintaining demonstration sites. He monitors and reports on farmer performance and project impact, oversees input and output markets and market trends, conducts field days, and helps maintain a database of beneficiary farmers.. Additional responsibilities include collaboration with consultants, local authorities, and government departments, and support to gender, WASH, and nutrition training. Alophonce has nearly 30 years of experience in agricultural extension and food security development and holds a masters degree in developmental studies and a bachelor of science degree in natural resource management and agriculture.

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Rudo Mushangwe

Extension/Behavior Change Officer, Livestock - Zimbabwe FARM

Rudo Mushangwe serves as a Livestock Extension/Behavior Change Officer within the FARM activity, where she plays a central role in coordinating and collaborating on operational activities, providing technical training and extension services, monitoring input and output markets, tracking farmer activities and behavioral changes, and facilitating connections between farmers and input, financial, and output markets. With 15 years of agricultural experience, Rudo has dedicated the past decade to empowering smallholder farmers in the crop, beef, and dairy value chains. Her commitment to fostering sound agricultural practices, implementing holistic farm management strategies, facilitating credit access, and promoting strategic on-farm investments has resulted in a substantial increase in farmers' average household incomes annually.

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Martha Musiwechivi

Finance and Administration Specialist - Zimbabwe FARM

Martha Musiwechivi is the Project Accountant on the FARM program and serves as a critical asset overseeing the financial and administrative functions of the Zimbabwe FARM activity. With a keen focus on financial operations and compliance, she ensures adherence to regulatory requirements, accounting standards, and optimizing administrative processes. In her capacity, Martha creates and reviews finance and expense vouchers, maintains all program accounts, prepares payments in accordance with USAID and FGI regulations, and assists with employment activities like payroll and on-boarding. Martha has more than 20 years of experience in finance, administration, and grants management and is well-experienced with USAID funded programs.

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